Tuesday, 4 May 2010

*Warning, long post

Raise The River Team that attended the Newcastle Poker Forum Event this last weekend. Back row left to right, Me, Yorkie Pud, Mr Origami, Tripz, DoV, front row left to right, Rubbish/Please to meet you, HammerHeid, BM, NoShoes, dD.

Right, here we go. I was supposed to travel up with dD who was coming up the A1 but was running a bit late, so I got a call from BM who said he was near Leeds and would do a 180 degree turn and collect me. I think he had an ulterior motive that was trying to peek at my missus's Eartha Kits, so I countered this by waiting at the end of the road for him.

We left my village at about 10.40am and made good progress, landing at the Hotel at about 12.30ish. The other lads had also just arrived, after initially going to the wrong Hotel. When at the wrong Hotel Pud and NoShoes saw some geezers going on the lash in fancy dress. Two fat blokes were dressed in Borat Mankinis and there was a bloke who was a dwarf covered in blue and dressed as a Smurf. I would have pissed my self laughing if I had seen this!!

We jumped a Mini Bus to the G Casino, had a few swifties, then it was down to the pokes. I had a couple of guys on my table that I know are pretty decent players, and also had some pissed up sweaty sock who was the table fish. He was in every pot from the off and was chucking in chips left, right and centre. He got lucky a couple of times and built up a bit of a stack, so I targeted him as the chip donator.

I didn't really play a hand until level 4. I've got about 7000 from starting stack of 7500, blinds at 100/200, fish limps UTG, 2 callers and I look down at ladies so pop it upto 1100. Fish calls, 2 folds and the flop comes Ah4h9x, fish looks over at me, smiles, then shoves his stack of about 9k in the middle. I tank for ages trying to think of a hand he would play like this and can only put him on a heart fd or pocket neufs so make the fold, he showed 99 so I was pleased with the fold.

I had to fold QQ again when I 3 bet one of the better players and he flatted from the CO, flop came AKx and he lead 3/4 pot, with my stack my only options were shove or fold and I didn't think he would lead with anything worse than AJ+, . My exit hand was pretty standard against the pissed up fish, blinds are 150/300, it's folded to me on the button with TT and 5k stack, raise to 800, he insta 3 bets to 2k(which he did loads of times and showed schizz like KJo, T9 and such) so I tank thinking I am miles ahead of his range, shove it all in only to be snapped off with AA LOL. GG me!! As a forum we were pants and had no one coming back for day 2 ffs. Dream of Vegas got deepest for us, winning the £10 last longer bet.

Ended up having loads of beers then decided to play blackjack as the dealer was called Phoebe and was fit as a butchers. Won about £70 then moved onto the £1/£1 cash table, bought in for £100. Unfortunately Mr Mayagi was not on it but there was one older geezer who was bladdered. The first hand i noted him play he was UTG and open raised to £16, yes £16. He got one caller and the flop came Q62. He check raised and the other dude folded. The bloke then stated 'I never raise with nothing' then flipped over Q6 lol. Ended up £90 ish up after winning a few pots, one with a set and the other with AK which flopped Broadway :)

Loads more beer later and I am now regged for the £15/£15 rebuy or add on. Play pretty good pissed up pokes and end up chopping it up 4 ways at 6.30am with me taking $370 and the others £300. I was chip leader by a bit when we did the deal so I was pretty generous but I was absolutely bladdered and also proper knackered. I definitely had 15+ beers, probably closer to 20.

Got up about 11 ish, Mik and Pudster fucked off as they are both under the thumb, so me, dD, Mr O, NoShoes, Rubbish and my roomie DoV went to the boozer next to the hotel and shifted a few pints. We then jumped a cab to the Toon and settle in a bar called 'Players' to watch Chelski vs Liverpool. After consoling Mr O we then had some munch at McTuckyKing, then went back to the G. Fooked about a bit on Blackjack and roulette then regged for the £10 FO/£10 bounty. Never quite got going in this and busted with AQ vs KJ. Congrats to Rubbish who took 4th for £60 plus bounties.

The rest of us went back into The Toon and hit the same bar as before. We sat outside and just drank/stared at the birds. There was some proper fit ones but also loads of munters, pretty much standard but was a good laugh. I hit the wall about 1 ish after my mammoth session the previous day so fooked off back to the Hotel on my jacks, leaving the other boys on the lash.

DoV staggered in at 6.36am on the dot, I know this as the loud twat took great delight in waking me up with his exceedingly loud pissed up snoring!! About an hour later and I am dozing when all of a sudded DoV leaps out of bed and heads towards the bog for what I can only presume is a piss. The only thing is he completely misses the door and walks head first into the wall, ending up on his arse. PMSL!!

Me and dD set off about 10.30ish, uneventful trip home. Bit of a result for me, ended up in profit to the tune of £320, weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Great to meet Rubbish, Tripz and Mr O, quality blokes, all the other RTR fish I have met before, all great lads. Really enjoyed the weekend and the company, can't wait for the next meet up. Nice to see Mair, Stan, Mike and Lou, Card Gaurd Kid and Team Dobbs amongst others, all lovely people!! If you haven't been on one of these, or an APAT event, you are missing out big style.

Gl at the tables

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