Saturday, 30 January 2010

Positive thinking ftw

Update post as I have neglected this blog for a while, something I promised myself I would not do as I am using it as a record of where I am going in the Poker world. The answer to that statement at this moment in time is nowhere and pretty fast!!

I continue to run really bad at 50nl cash, getting it in as 70/30 favourite and getting sucked out on, but I will not bore you with any details. I just have to keep telling myself it is just variance and eventually it will even out. It is just frustrating when everyone seems to flop a set against my monsters, when I flop a set, say 888, the board is T98ss and there is loads of action, people call 4bb raise with 53o vs KK and hit a flop of 533 etc etc blah blah. Positive thinking ftw!!

Roll wise I have moved all of what is left onto Purple Lounge to grind it back up as I am on a great deal via The Forum. The traffic is not as good as FT but there are sufficent games in the evenings to get a decent amount of volume. If you are a cash game player sign up through RTR, it is a great offer but you will have to join the forum first as it is only available to members.

Going to have a sweat session with BurnleyMik later tonight just to see if I am spewing in any spots. We have not done one for a while and I am really looking forward to it. Basically, we both go on Skype and use Teamviewer, discuss the hands as we play them. It helps both our games no end. Mik is playing some really good Pokes atm so i am looking for a bit of his 'run good' factor to rub off on me.

Played in the APAT Team event last weekend representing RTR at Manchester. Our team was BM, Kronsdat, DoV, Ant, dD, Hammerheid, Bully and me. Team wise we came 9th out of 20, not too bad for a bunch of fish!! It was great to meet the lads again, the only person i hadn't met was DoV, who proved to be a right good laugh. When he busted he fooked off into town with NoCash, who was playing for AWOP. I will let these 2 tell you the details suffice to say one went missing and the other woke up with no shoes on in the Hotel lobby lol.

In the Tournie I came a decent 60/160. I never quite got going, peaking at 26k in the 3rd level. The only hands of note I can recall are blinds 50/100 4 limpers and I am in the BB with T6o, flop comes 789 rainbow, I lead for 400 into 600, utg calls, rest fold, turn 3d, I bet 800 he again flats, river Ah, I value bet, he tanks and folds.

I then 5bet bluff from the BB against a serial button raiser utilising my 'Ant like' image. He tanked for ages then folded, claiming he had QQ, yeah OK. Doubled up a short time later when, following a raise UTG and 3 callers, I joined the party with A7s from the CO. The button called, sb completed and the flop came a lovely 773, checked around to the HJ who bets 2/3rds pot, I raise, folds back to HJ who obviously thought I was on the make and shoved. Snapped him off and he showed 88 and I held. That was about it, I didn't really get any good spots and was completely card dead. Got blinded right down to 13bbs, found AA utg and was torn between min raising or shoving. I have discussed this with the other fellas all agree I should have shoved as it looks weaker, I agree with hindsight. Anyways, everyone folded and I ended up shoving 56s and the BB woke up with KK, gg me. Good craic though and I am going to play The Newcastle Forum Team Event in May with the gang.

Anyways, thanks for reading fish, gl at the tables.

P.S Amatay, you lucky muthalicka, get posting ffs

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Pissed off!!

Well, I don't know where to start, January has been an absolute nightmare Poker wise, combination of negative variance followed by bad play has meant the BR has taken a huge hit. Mind, after 5 winning months in a row I was due a downswong. The saving grace was that I peaked at $460 up but atm I am about $350 down, sigh.

I will not post any bad beats as they will bore you rigid, standard shit. What amazes me the most is when I pick up a monster someone flops a set, my KK nearly always runs into AA, AK misses every time lol. I read a great article about variance, the solution being basically to grind like fuck at a game you can beat, so 50nl get ready!!!

Mind you, it might not be that easy, not only has the BR taken a huge hit I am going to have to withdraw a chunk. The reason for this is that my missus car conked out the other day. A trip to my mates garage revealed 2 fuel injectors were fooked and it needed 2 new rear brake pads. He also serviced it so for £300 I cannot moan. This, coupled with the fact that our wooden bay window has virtually rotted away and will cost a bag of sand to get doubled glazed, means Snake's bank account is virtually empty. Thus I need to withdraw to help pay for this schitt, but I am going to still have 30 buy ins for 50nl.

Enough moaning, going to start reading The Poker Mindset to help me through this downswing :)

Monday, 11 January 2010


I have put some dosh on my new Euro site as I get effectively 55% rake back, but I am playing complete shit atm, spewing far too much to the regs, playing pots with the fish with marginal holdings. I am just about to go over hands on PT3 and sort my shit out. I think it is a combination getting used to new software and 'I've beaten the game on FT' syndrome, so I am going to nit it up then crush (apart from BM). Leaving a bit of dosh on FT to clear the end of year bonus then I might ship most of it onto the new site, leaving a bit in case there is not much traffic.

Really looking forward to APAT Forum Championship in Manchester w/e of 23rd/24th this month. Meet up with a few of the RTR fish, get bladdered, win tourney, you know, usual weekend. Also, got a full pass out stamped by my missus in exchange for me booking a luxury cottage in the Lake District in May. Fucking women really do drive a hard bargain. Costing me £475 for a week ffs :(

I have been lucky enough to see alot of the world, living 12 years in the Far East. I was thinking the other day what is the strangest thing I have ever seen?

The answer lies in Bangkok, the capital of a glorious country called Thailand. There is an area of streets called 'PatPong' which is notorious for having girly bars covering every square inch. I am led to believe Coggs' missus Carlos used to work here.

Anyway, I went to Bangkok when I was 16 to play in a Cricket tournament, although this was not too serious. At night the older players took me out into Patpong, first bar I end up sat in a booth with another lad, we order 2 beers, bar man asks if we want a special beer for a little bit more. We obv say 'yes' to which two birds (hopefully!!) come out of a wooden hatch under the table, unzip our flies and start smoking the pink oboe. Happy Days!!

Anyway, the strangest thing I have ever seen was in a bar in Patpong. 2 birds were firing ping pong balls out of their vagina onto the floor of the bar and some local Thai dwarf was putting flags out where the furthest one landed. Fucking bizarre I tell you, especially when the girlfriend of one of the local Brit lads got up on the stage and fired one miles, beating the Thai birds hands down lol!!!

More Bangkok tales later, gl fish :)

Friday, 8 January 2010

Running Hot

Quick update post, poker wise doing really well atm, monster hands holding up and drawing hands flopping da nutz!!

Would have been much better if I hadn't gizzed off $170 at 50nl HU to a complete fish German who kept on hitting his outs, it was fucking unbelievable!! This demonstates what I was up against:-

Full Tilt No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (2 handed) - Full-Tilt Converter Tool from

BB ($52.15)

Sausage sucker (SB) ($228.30)


Sausage sucker bets $2, BB raises to $6, Sausage sucker calls $4

Flop: ($12) 6, J, 6 (2 players)

BB checks, Sausage sucker bets $222.30 (All-In), BB calls $46.15 (All-In)

Turn: ($104.30) 6 (2 players, 2 all-in)

River: ($104.30) J (2 players, 2 all-in)

Total pot: $104.30 | Rake: $0.50


Sausage sucker had J, K (full house, Jacks over sixes).

BB had K, K (full house, sixes over Kings).

Outcome: Sausage sucker won $103.80


Anyways, gonna put some volume in over the weekend and I have transfered a bag of sand from FT over to the microgaming skin. I really like the software but it takes a bit of getting used to, but the *ahem* rake back is really good so I am going to see how it goes. Traffic is not as good as FT but it is a Euro site so traffic should be good in the evenings when I can play. Just gotta avoid the shark that is BurnleyMik lol

Laters fish, gl at the tarbs

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Bit boring but I'm going to do a review of the year, apologies to Amatay but feck it, it is supposed to be a poker Blog ffs. I will tell you about me shagging the missus up her barking spider in another post mate, I promise :)

Right, firstly I have got to say that I believe my game has improved no end this year, specifically in relation to BR management. After the problems I had when my missus discovered my roll and I had to withdraw it, I have managed to spin the profits of stakeage from the aforementioned Amatay to over 40 buy inns for 50NL, initially by playing $10 45s on FT then lately cash.

I am going to stick to the 40 buy in rule before I can move up permanently to 100NL, although I will be taking a few shots. Anyways, just in case NoCash reads this schitt, I will post my FT graph from when I started playing on the site.

So cash profit was $1229 plus rake back $641 makes a total of $1870 for cash, not brilliant but not too shabby.

Also, here is my OPR stats for the year.

So a grand total of $3094, not quite in the Kennl, Clarkatroid, Amatay or Longy league lol, but I am pleased as most of the cash hands were at 25nl or 50nl. I had to withdraw some of this when I first began the grind but still got the majority online and, barring any huge disasters, I will not have to withdraw again.

Right, what plans have I got poker wise for 2010? Well, firstly I am going to split my roll over a few sites. After consultation with my mentor, BM, I have decided to put some dosh on Everest due to the redik softness of the players, also I am going to open an account on a micro gaming skin that offers RTR members a very good bonus payment deal, keeping a bit on FT to clear the end of year bonus.

I want to be playing 100NL with 40 buy ins at the start of June, although this may be slightly optimistic. I also want to branch out into the live scene, so I am going to attempt to qualify for the GUKPT events on BSq. On that point huge congrats to Ant from RaiseTheRiver who has just shipped a ME package of his choice, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
I am also hoping to play a few more APAT events, great fun and good to see some familiar faces.

Right Fish, I have bored myself, shagging and drunken debauchery tales next post I promise :)


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