Sunday, 28 November 2010

Bidibot, North v South.

Greetings a salutations avid reader.

I have registered on a site called 'Bidibot' which is basically a penny auction site that mainly auctions Poker items, such as Stars Tournament tickets, cash credits etc etc. If you register you get 10 free bids and each bid puts the price up by 1c and adds 30 seconds to the clock. I managed to get 20 free bids by putting a code in from Poker Player Magazine and used those bids to win 2 Stars 11 buck tournie tickets and a $22 one also, for the grand total of $2.17, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Seems good value to begin with, also the CEO is John Tabatabai who has posted on a few forums to dispel rumours and myths about Bidibot. Nhwp Sir.

On the forum we have a HU challenge between the North and South. It's going to commence pretty soon. Should be an epic battle, with the banter flowing back and forth. There is a bit of a cash incentive but essentially it will be for bragging rights on the forum. You can read about it here.

Laters fish, gotta to go for a dump then get ready for work. More work related anecdotes coming soon.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Now then faithful reader, I am back and as the title suggests, I am well and truly alive and kicking!!

Got loads of stuff going on at the moment, should be moving house before Christmas,jesus what a grind that fucker is. If I ever come back reincarnated I want to be one of 2 things. Firstly, an Estate agent. Place picture of the house in local paper, make a few telephone calls, collect two grand for your troubles, easy game!!

The other thing I wouldn't mind coming back as is a wasp. Fly around, annoy the fuck out of people, simples.

On the Poker front I've not played much at all online, just been too busy with work/moving etc. On this point I have a cunning plan, that cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox. After Christmas/moving house I will have a bit of a roll saved up. I also have plenty of leave left over, so my plan is to take nearly a month off work and play 'full time' so to speak. I have spoke to The War Minister (Missus) about this and she seemed O.K with it. I will devise a rota that I will stick to and hope to play 5/6 hours a day, 6 days a week. 5 days cash and 1 day MTT/MTSNG.

I will also speak to Amatay, Kenn, Longy, Everton Yorkie et al and get any advice I can. What you think loyal reader? Any thoughts/ideas are welcome.

In the world of live Poker I have managed to get my own HendonMob Database entry lol, The Snake is officially the 39th best amateur in the World :).

Also went with the RTR crew to Dublin for the IPO. The Tournament was a non-entity for me, crashing out in the second level. The good news about this was that I got to drink loads of Guinness with Rubbish and Coggs. We were soon joined at the bar by Amatay, Jakattack, NoShoes and Paul then it all went a bit messy tbh. I can't remember a thing :) Remember boys, what goes on tour stays on tour so sshhhhhhh.

Great fun, beers, pokes and meeting new friends like Greekstein, Barry Carter, Neil Channing and Padraig Parkinson. Going to definatley go next year, quality times.

Leave you with a few piccies of the RTR crew at the IPO.

Two beer swilling poker players

Coggs before I owned his soul at cash

My hero Amatay

Jak in the Bounty game

Mr Channing and The Snake

Anyway, this has gone on far too long and is really boring, Amatay, can I have my $50 please?


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