Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Well FMl as Coggs would say, Poker is one frustrating game. After 5 days of the month I was 1k up at 50nl on Microgaming. Now I am $300 up, a swing of $700. I am not going to moan though as I am still in profit and obviously I was running golden at the start of the month. I was fully aware the heater would not last.

I have not changed my game, it's just that my huge draws are all missing, I get no action with the monsters and I am still not good enough to fold an over pair in a 3bet pot vs a reg when, if I were to slow down and think the hand through, they clearly have a set.

Just gotta keep on grinding, work hard no dramas.

Gl all

Saturday, 13 February 2010

The Poker Mindset

I have been reading The Poker Mindset, would recommend it, the book has made me more aware of certain approaches, attitudes and concepts to help me with the emotional and psychological side of this game that we all play.

I have already read it through once, but in order to grasp most aspects I will read it again over the next 2 weeks. The main theory is understanding and accepting the realities of Poker. Poker is highly variant, Poker is a game of small edges, Poker is a game of luck in the short term, skill in the long term. To be successful we must both understand these concepts and accept them.

Setting goals is also something I did in the past, specifically monthly monetary goals. I now realise that this is pointless as a short term goal, as short term luck, both good and bad, can adversly affect the results.

Anyway, enough of that, I've got to make another $500 bucks this month, the money aint going to come in whilst Im sitting here typing this schizz :)

Pokerwise I've played 9k hands and made 1k, been really happy with my decision making process, got some good reads on the regs, rakeback to come as well.

Leave you with a little quote by Sun Tzu from The Art of War

"Victorious warriors win first then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first then seek to win"

Gl at the tarbs, Le Snake

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Good start

Although this post will definitely be a curse, I have made a cracking start again to the month, just hope it doesn't go tits up like last month!!

3133 hands and $723 up (the Euro table amount you have to multiply by 1.39 to get the USD amount), running at 17bb/100. I realise this is unsustainable but I am going to enjoy it whilst I can.

What has certainly helped me is chatting with BurnleyMik on Skype and sweating each other, it really focuses your mind. I know we keep banging on about it but it really does help in a sense that you don't get spewy for fear of looking a complete Donkey. If any of you other RTR fish fancy it pm me or Mik.

Also, the change to a Eurosite is doing me good, I mean I was doing ok at FTP but why take on the better regs? Realistically I am never going to be a high stakes player as I am simply not good enough and cannot devote enough time to study the game, so why not play on a softer site with a better deal? If I can eke out some profit each month I would be happy. The master plan is to get to 100nl by June then take it from there.

Anyways, must rush, just finishing a night shift and my wanking chariot is calling.

Good luck on the cyberfelt everyone.


Monday, 1 February 2010

January Round Up

January is finally over, thank fuck.

Monthly summary, played 22,380 hands on both FT and PL, losing a grand total of $445, a combination of running bad then spewing some buy inns due to exceedingly bad play.

The good news I cleared $100 bonus on FT and earned $350 rakeback over both sites for a huge $5 boost to the bank roll, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

The bank roll is all on PL now, gonna buckle down, grind like mad and build the roll again. I need to set some time aside for tutorial vids as well as I have just used my FT points to purchase 3 months membership of Stox Poker. I need to improve on my hand reading skills post flop, hopefully by watching I may pick up some information.

A good start to Feb though, had a session last night and was up $157, so long my it continue.

Good luck at the tables all and thanks for reading, if any of you actually do!!

*Edit* I'm fick as fook me, forgot that I came 26th in the Raketherake freeroll for $135, so a bit better lol


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