Saturday, 28 November 2009

Life backwards

Found this by Woody Allen, made me laugh. I always thought he had a very good sense of humour. Just for KnightmareNick, he was an American Comedian who was a touch eccentric.

Not too much to post about Poker, hitting the tables hard but don't seem to be making much progress, variance I suppose. End of month stats soon :)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sweaty Betty

As this is predominantly a Poker blog I better start posting some Poker updates, but not before I just recount the details of a phone call I made to a local fast food outlet earlier on today. I was ordering some munch for myself and a colleague, who wanted a hamburger and chips, to be delivered to the Station.
I hasten to add I do not normally eat takeaways, despite my physique, but today was an exception as I not eaten a morsel all day and I am working from 2pm through until 7am. Trust me, you cannot make this shit up!!
Details of phone call:-
Turkish Bloke-'Hello ****** take way, can I help you?'
Snake-'Yes mate, can I place an order to be delivered please?'
TB-'Of course mate, what would you like?'
Snake-'A chicken tikka wrap please with chili and mint yogurt sauce (for me, healthy option)'
TB-'No problem, anything else?'
Snake-'Yes mate, a hamburger and chips please'
TB-'Sorry we do not do hamburgers'
Snake-'Err, in the menu it states you do cheeseburgers, can you just do one of these and not put the cheese on?'
TB-'Those are beefburgers, not hamburgers, I will have to ask the cook'
Snake-'Is this a wind up?'
I was pissing myself laughing, un-fucking-believable!!
Poker wise, I have been running reasonably well atm but I am fully aware that variance is lurking just around the corner. I have completed 7.5k hands on FT at 50nl, running at 8BB/100hands for a current profit of $600. I feel pretty good about my game atm, making good decisions, and I feel that alot of this can be attributed to advice I have received from Clarkatroid and Gorvacofin, 2 very good cash game players that post on RaiseTheRiver.
I also have had a couple of sweat sessions with my old mate BurnleyMik where I have played 4 tables on FT. We have utilised teamviwer, where Mik can log onto my session and view my tables and also used Skype, so we can discuss the hands as they are played. You would be amazed at how this makes you concentrate and how it helps your game, I recommend this to any serious cash player. It also helps to run like Usain Bolt when you are being watched, eh Mik :)
Played the $55 80k on Stars as part of a syndicate on RTR Friday night, card dead for nearly 2 hours, blinds are 75/150, I have got 16 BBs. I open raise to from UTG+1 with AQs, 2 callers, flop comes AAT, BB checks, I lead for 600 into 1200ish, one fold, BB jams 23BBs and I insta call, he flips AT and its gg me. At the time I thought I was just unlucky but I think this demonstrates I am not very good at Tournies, as perhaps a decent player could get away from this, what do you think?
Also played 2 x 11 buck 45s on FT whilst playing the 80k, final tabled both finishing 8th in one and 2nd in the other for $112.50, so a good night in the end, $250 profit :)
Anyways, I am boring myself now so I am going, quick mention to my pal KnightmareNick, or Gonickgo as he is known on FT, lol what a ghey screen name, try harder fish :)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Hi Fish,

This is a quick post describing how I came about playing Poker. Basically I used to play Rugby at semi-pro level (blatant brag) but as I advanced in years, it took longer and longer to get out of bed on a Sunday morning, my mind was writing checks my body couldn't cash, ultimately meaning I had to retire from playing competitively. Nowadays I play social Rugby and enjoy a few beers with the lads post match, mind, I always did this bit lol.

Rugby has been very good to me, I was lucky enough to be reasonably gifted at the game, which in turn has meant I have travelled to play Rugby, seen some amazing sites around the world and made some friendships that I will retain for life, all through a game you play with an egg shaped ball.

Thus, I needed something to occupy my time with, this is where Poker came in. Basically 4 years ago a close friend and I both opened accounts at WilliamHill. I knew fook all about the game (still don't) and used to play occasionally after a few beers at the pub. I would deposit £100 and play at 50p/100p table, obviously busting but having enjoyed myself. There was the odd occasion I would make a profit but these days were few and far between.

I stopped playing when my first daughter was born as she developed a few issues at birth, but thankfully everything is fine now. Two years ago I got back into Poker as my mate had continued playing and has developed into a decent social Tournament player, both online and live. I decided to research the game, read a few books, discovered various things like Bankroll Management (still have issues with this lol), Rake back and Poker Blogs. I even managed to win a few low buy in tournies on WH :)

Believe it or not, I searched the Internet and found this ghey blog, which I sadly read from the very beginning. I suppose the only good thing to come out of reading this drivel is that I came across Raise The River. Great place, great people, if you are not signed up, get on over.

I am currently playing 6max cash on FTP as, although I enjoy tournies, they are just too time consuming with family and a full time job. On that point, I've got to get off now as I am at work and some silly twat has decided to get pissed up and get arrested so I've got some work to do, sigh, inconsiderate cock.

Laters and good luck at the tables fishes :)

*Edit, I've just read over this post and its boring as fook lol

Monday, 16 November 2009

Debut post

Welcome Fish to my blog. I was going to do an 'about me and poker' post but I cannot do that today, it will have to wait.

The reason is that I played Rugby on Saturday and injured my cruciate ligaments in my right knee, so I have got to go to hospital. I have taken a picture of the injury, which can be found here. Just look at the swelling!!!


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