Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The End and a New Beginning

Hi Fish,

This is a quick post describing how I came about playing Poker. Basically I used to play Rugby at semi-pro level (blatant brag) but as I advanced in years, it took longer and longer to get out of bed on a Sunday morning, my mind was writing checks my body couldn't cash, ultimately meaning I had to retire from playing competitively. Nowadays I play social Rugby and enjoy a few beers with the lads post match, mind, I always did this bit lol.

Rugby has been very good to me, I was lucky enough to be reasonably gifted at the game, which in turn has meant I have travelled to play Rugby, seen some amazing sites around the world and made some friendships that I will retain for life, all through a game you play with an egg shaped ball.

Thus, I needed something to occupy my time with, this is where Poker came in. Basically 4 years ago a close friend and I both opened accounts at WilliamHill. I knew fook all about the game (still don't) and used to play occasionally after a few beers at the pub. I would deposit £100 and play at 50p/100p table, obviously busting but having enjoyed myself. There was the odd occasion I would make a profit but these days were few and far between.

I stopped playing when my first daughter was born as she developed a few issues at birth, but thankfully everything is fine now. Two years ago I got back into Poker as my mate had continued playing and has developed into a decent social Tournament player, both online and live. I decided to research the game, read a few books, discovered various things like Bankroll Management (still have issues with this lol), Rake back and Poker Blogs. I even managed to win a few low buy in tournies on WH :)

Believe it or not, I searched the Internet and found this ghey blog, which I sadly read from the very beginning. I suppose the only good thing to come out of reading this drivel is that I came across Raise The River. Great place, great people, if you are not signed up, get on over.

I am currently playing 6max cash on FTP as, although I enjoy tournies, they are just too time consuming with family and a full time job. On that point, I've got to get off now as I am at work and some silly twat has decided to get pissed up and get arrested so I've got some work to do, sigh, inconsiderate cock.

Laters and good luck at the tables fishes :)

*Edit, I've just read over this post and its boring as fook lol


Anonymous said...

Read Amagay from the start ?? WTF ??? You should be keeping things like that to yourself m8, reputation shot in second blog post !!!


Big Black Dog said...

Howdo Snakey.
If you ever resolve your BRM issues,plz let me know the secret!!!
Glglgl fella.

Anonymous said...

where is my mention???

Snake Eyes said...

Who the fuck are you? lol

Anonymous said...

knightmare nick

Amatay said...

Put u in my fave fish section you penis

Snake Eyes said...

@ Gaynickgay, you gonna get some airtime, dont panic!!

@ SJ, its Mr Penis to you!!

Mair said...

LOL @ first post...linked you up now Snakey ;)


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