Monday, 15 November 2010

Now then faithful reader, I am back and as the title suggests, I am well and truly alive and kicking!!

Got loads of stuff going on at the moment, should be moving house before Christmas,jesus what a grind that fucker is. If I ever come back reincarnated I want to be one of 2 things. Firstly, an Estate agent. Place picture of the house in local paper, make a few telephone calls, collect two grand for your troubles, easy game!!

The other thing I wouldn't mind coming back as is a wasp. Fly around, annoy the fuck out of people, simples.

On the Poker front I've not played much at all online, just been too busy with work/moving etc. On this point I have a cunning plan, that cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox. After Christmas/moving house I will have a bit of a roll saved up. I also have plenty of leave left over, so my plan is to take nearly a month off work and play 'full time' so to speak. I have spoke to The War Minister (Missus) about this and she seemed O.K with it. I will devise a rota that I will stick to and hope to play 5/6 hours a day, 6 days a week. 5 days cash and 1 day MTT/MTSNG.

I will also speak to Amatay, Kenn, Longy, Everton Yorkie et al and get any advice I can. What you think loyal reader? Any thoughts/ideas are welcome.

In the world of live Poker I have managed to get my own HendonMob Database entry lol, The Snake is officially the 39th best amateur in the World :).

Also went with the RTR crew to Dublin for the IPO. The Tournament was a non-entity for me, crashing out in the second level. The good news about this was that I got to drink loads of Guinness with Rubbish and Coggs. We were soon joined at the bar by Amatay, Jakattack, NoShoes and Paul then it all went a bit messy tbh. I can't remember a thing :) Remember boys, what goes on tour stays on tour so sshhhhhhh.

Great fun, beers, pokes and meeting new friends like Greekstein, Barry Carter, Neil Channing and Padraig Parkinson. Going to definatley go next year, quality times.

Leave you with a few piccies of the RTR crew at the IPO.

Two beer swilling poker players

Coggs before I owned his soul at cash

My hero Amatay

Jak in the Bounty game

Mr Channing and The Snake

Anyway, this has gone on far too long and is really boring, Amatay, can I have my $50 please?


ROSSI said...

alright mate, thought you had vanished!!

i had a month off work in sept which was superb, you just never want to go back.

You rozzers must get more time off than us (screws) lol.

I only work 29hrs per week (reduced hours). I have done for two years now, which by doing long shifts only equates to usually three days at work per week. :) Are there no "packages/redundancys" coming up in your job with all these cuts?

GL with the grind m8

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the month of pro status, especially if the tax dodging students go fucking nuts again!

I'd say play where you feel comfortable, not where you get the best deal, something I've been guilty of in the past. yes not getting 50% rb will hurt your bottom line but if you hate the site it's worth "paying" more for somewhere decent IMO

Snake Eyes said...

@ Rossi I wish I could take a package if offered but the tax free lump sum when I retire is just too much to give up. Will have to see how the month goes, if it goes ahead.

@ Pud, in a strange kinda way if the tax dodgers decide to get cidered up and go on another rampage it would be OK for me cos I would get some OT lol. Olympics next year = £££ in OT.

Also, im on a 55% RB deal on a site that I quite like so it's winnar winnar chicken dinner!!

_Kronsdat said...

Good luck with it mate - give 'em hell.

Don't envy you the moving though ... I hate that one.


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