Monday, 20 December 2010


We have finally moved house, but fuck my life it was a mission. Firstly, the money was not transfered over until 4pm on Friday. We were sitting on the drive of the new property for 2 hours, just waiting, and waiting, until eventually we got the call and the geezer handed us the keys.

2 hours to unpack the first load into the garage, 20 mins drive back to the old house, 1 and half hours to pack up the van again, 20 mins drive, 1 hour to unpack, 30mins drive to pick kids up, 30 mins drive to return van, 30 mins back to house, put cot up, shower, change, 25 min drive to work starting at midnight until 7am. [ ] Fun times.

Anyway, we are in and the new house is lovely. There is something about a new build that makes it special. Maybe it is because you know that no one else has rumped in it? Also, little things, like having a lock on the khazi door so no one can enter when I am curling one out, make it sooooo much better.

The next mission is to install a loft arial so the kids can watch CBeebies. Then to get online again. Thinking of going with BT as the waiver the £130 charge for a new line if you get a broadband/phone package with them.

When that is sorted I will start to play some pokes again as I got a load of tournie tickets for stars, then I am gonna grind some cash on Microgaming.

Gl all


P.S Here is a song you will prolly hear a gazillion times over the next week or so.


starting_over said...

Hey snakey congrats on the move, i know it must have been a nightmare but at least your there now and you can start making awkward shizzzy snakey love in every room!!!! :)

Snake Eyes said...

Nick, I have 2 daughters, one is 4 and the other not even 2. I will not be shafting my missus up the wrong un in either of their bedrooms. That said, the thought of munching on her hairy clam in the ensuite sounds appealing.


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