Friday, 7 January 2011

Rush Update

This is supposed to be a Poker blog so a quick update. Been hammering 25nl Rush since the 20th December after putting in $50. Cleared a $100 bonus they gave me in no time, got some decent rakeback to come also. Here is the graph, the red line seems a bit on the low side but fuck that, it's the green one that counts.

[x] Doomswitch activated

Got to go, I need the pester Amatay for some more links to put up.

Gl at the tables folks.



BurnleyMik said...

Eat like a bird shit like an elephant! Thats just what that graph reminds me of mate. Such sick downswingaments. All the hard work destroyed so quickly.

I guess thats the nature of rush.

You'll turn it around mate.



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