Thursday, 4 February 2010

Good start

Although this post will definitely be a curse, I have made a cracking start again to the month, just hope it doesn't go tits up like last month!!

3133 hands and $723 up (the Euro table amount you have to multiply by 1.39 to get the USD amount), running at 17bb/100. I realise this is unsustainable but I am going to enjoy it whilst I can.

What has certainly helped me is chatting with BurnleyMik on Skype and sweating each other, it really focuses your mind. I know we keep banging on about it but it really does help in a sense that you don't get spewy for fear of looking a complete Donkey. If any of you other RTR fish fancy it pm me or Mik.

Also, the change to a Eurosite is doing me good, I mean I was doing ok at FTP but why take on the better regs? Realistically I am never going to be a high stakes player as I am simply not good enough and cannot devote enough time to study the game, so why not play on a softer site with a better deal? If I can eke out some profit each month I would be happy. The master plan is to get to 100nl by June then take it from there.

Anyways, must rush, just finishing a night shift and my wanking chariot is calling.

Good luck on the cyberfelt everyone.



BurnleyMik said...

nice work snakey. Just don;t forget who pointed you in the right direction and lets you share his fish!! ;o)

glglglglgl mate, genuinely hope it continues and you have a record month.



MAIR said...

Howdeee doooodeeee :)


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