Monday, 1 February 2010

January Round Up

January is finally over, thank fuck.

Monthly summary, played 22,380 hands on both FT and PL, losing a grand total of $445, a combination of running bad then spewing some buy inns due to exceedingly bad play.

The good news I cleared $100 bonus on FT and earned $350 rakeback over both sites for a huge $5 boost to the bank roll, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

The bank roll is all on PL now, gonna buckle down, grind like mad and build the roll again. I need to set some time aside for tutorial vids as well as I have just used my FT points to purchase 3 months membership of Stox Poker. I need to improve on my hand reading skills post flop, hopefully by watching I may pick up some information.

A good start to Feb though, had a session last night and was up $157, so long my it continue.

Good luck at the tables all and thanks for reading, if any of you actually do!!

*Edit* I'm fick as fook me, forgot that I came 26th in the Raketherake freeroll for $135, so a bit better lol


Ant66 said...

Here's hoping Feb's up-swing continues mate.
Just gotta learn to "dodge them bulletts baby"...and you'll be fine ;-).

Big Black Dog said...

As you say Snake....head down & know you can do it.
Thanks for reminding us all that Jan is over.......only 11 months till another Xmas ffs!!!!

gl in March fella



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