Monday, 1 March 2010

Roller Coaster Ride

Well fuck me what a month, similar in respects to Mik's
month at the tables. I had a fantastic start to the month, running real hot, hitting all my big draws, flopping sets. At one point I was 1k up after a few days.

Then the rot set in, just could not get a hand to hold up. This time all the draws missed, monsters were all cracked, nothing could hold. It was just variance and in the long run short term results, be them individual sessions or monthly results, do not really count. I will not list any hands as there are far too many, but what I did notice was that certain regs will call 3bets OOP with small pocket pairs and always seem to hit a set.

I haven't had a chance to amalgamate my PT3 databases yet but after a quick scan last night I was -$0.70 after circa 23k hands of 50nl 6max.

Thank fuck for Rakeback!! I made $496 and I also got $60 in the monthly rake race for my efforts for a total of +$556 so not a complete disaster.

I will spend a few days going through PT hands, seeing if I can identify and obvious leaks, but tbh I think I played pretty well over the month, just was on the receiving end of some short term bad luck in big pots towards the end of the month.

The grind continues :)



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