Sunday, 21 March 2010

Taking a break

Wow, the downswong continues. As the title suggests I am going to have a few days off and re-evaluate what I am going to do. I have 2 choices, drop down a level a ride it out, or withdraw what is left of the roll, take a month or so off from online poker, use this time wisely to study the game, the return with a bigger bank roll. Tbh at this time I am not too sure what to do. I will probably drop down and play 20nl as I am a degen, plus If I can get through this negative variance then I can get through anything. One thing is I will be mentally a lot stronger.

I will not bore you with the bad beats, there are far too many, but what astounds me is how bad my premium hands are running. In the last few sessions I have had AA and KK busted 75% of the time. Also QQ isn't too good lol. Got QQ 3 times last session, ran it into AA and KK aipf which is standard, but the hand that tilted me was against a retard who min 3bet my open oop, called the 4bet then made a PSB on a low monotone board, I shoved and he called flipping over AKo for no pair no draw. Obv K on the turn, so sik.

The ironic thing is that my downswong has coincided with me purchasing 'The Poker Mindset' lol, I am going to burn the fooker lol.

Gl everyone, keep attacking


Big Black Dog said...

You & Mik are beginning to sound like a right pair of grumpy gits!!

Seriously Snake,hope you get out of this down swing,a bit of time off maybe or just stop the cash for a few days & have a crack at stt's/mtt's.....maybe the change may be good?
Whatever you lucky!!


Dan Hoffman said...

Good luck with that. I have also taken a break. Was just burnt out mentally and as a result playing poorly.

United113 said...

testing testing testing


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