Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Took my roll offline the other day for several reasons. Firstly, to preserve the roll as the beats were redik. I began to tilt stacks off and ended up playing weak/passive which is not my game. Secondly, to preserve my sanity as emotionally it was really hard. Working all day then grinding at night only to suffer the two outer river specials, we have all been there, you know what I am saying. Thirdly, I run bad at life. I have got some family issues I need to resolve that take precedence over online poker.

I will have a break from da cash for a couple of months, but I will still play in the Bloggerment if I am not working, I played in it last Sunday as well as Mair's Charity game and really enjoyed myself. The only annoying thing was BurnleyFish constantly 3 betting my azz as he was sat on my left. It was a case of 'I know he is 3 betting me light but he knows I am opening light'. I decided to 4 bet shove him with JTs only for Mik to insta-snap me off with AK lol. Played about 6 of the new $4.40 135 peep sng's on FT the other day, shipping one for $150 and change, good fun and over quickly. I may play a few of these for a laugh during my cash sabbatical.

Going to Newcastle in just over a week for the NPF Forum Team event with the Raise The River geezers, can't wait it will be a good laugh and looking forward to a few beers with the lads!

Enjoy your time at the tables and crush!!

Το Φίδι

(Greek btw)


Amatay said...

Hope u sort ur life shizz out mate n gl in Newcastle.


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