Monday, 5 April 2010


Apologies for not updated this schizz blog, no excuses I am a lazy fucker!!

Right, March was an absolute disaster, ended up 8 buy ins under Ev. Negative variance I realise and it will turn around. Not going to moan too much, just going to grind through it. You kinda know you are running bad when AA is only winning 87% and KK 79%.

I have decided to move down to 20nl on Microgaming to absorb this downswong and to protect the BR. Made a decent start to the month, up about 4 buy ins but KK is again running so bad. Got it 3 times in one session and lost all 3. AIPF vs AA, standard. AI on a flop of T83 vs 99, turn J river 7 fml. Other was versus QJ who called my raise OOP, then c/c 2 streets on a Qxxx brd, river was a queen so I check behind to go with my read.

There is a few decent players at 20nl but overall the standard is shocking. Wish me luck and hopefully I can run better and move back up soon.

Enough of Poker, I have played at the same Rugby Club for 22 years, I will not name the Club for fear of identification but we are still the most promoted club in the history of the League system in England, currently in the Championship, one down fron the Premiership. My first team career ended a few years ago but I still turn out for the lower teams when I can.

Anybody who is a member of a Rugby club will testify what a crack it is. I have loads of amusing stories that all involve loads of beer, some degree of nakedness, various animals and occasionally women.

One of the best gags is when a player gets badly injured and has to undergo an operation, other team members make a competition out of who can give the best 'joke' present.

Several years ago I smashed my cheek bone and have to have it rewired. When I was recovering in Hospital I could only drink through a straw. What did the first lad to visit me bring? A huge box of rock hard toffee.

Well, yesterday I had a phone call from the main ring leader of this game. He was telling me about a former player who injured his leg years ago and has always suffered with it, culminating in a degenerative bone condition that has necessitated in his leg being amputated from the knee down. Pretty horrific you may think, but the one thing is this hasn't come as a shock as he has known for several years that this would eventually happen.

Despite this, one would think that having a leg amputated would mean sympathy from all concerned, including the Rugby lads.

Not in the slightest!! Guess what they gave him as his 'joke' present, a DVD of the 1984 classic starring Kevin Bacon, Footloose!!! Looooooooooooooooooooool, honestly when I heard a little bit of wee came out of the end of my knob :)

Good luck all.

La Serpiente


5 oh Two Challenge said...

Good luck Steve Majors wish you well.
Nice blog.

Amatay said...

I remember the days when nl 20 was abs tezz and i mean just redic. I havent played or even seen anyone play for yrs but Scotch used to play it and fk me it was shocking. I know the games moved on Jon but i reckon alot of people like ur gd self Mik, Pud etc make it hard for yourselves in the long term because u have more knowledge and u someimtes over analyse etc. Maybe i'm wrong? Come DTD btw end of May mate?

Snake Eyes said...

SJ, it still is redik mate, honestly you would not believe it. There are some good TAGs building a roll, but they stand out a mile, 75% of players think bottom pair is the nutz, and if the cards are the same colours then its all going in. I think you may be right mate, I sometimes try to rep a hand and at this level that is 2 levels above the droolers who are only concerned with what they have lol

Snake Eyes said...

5 oh 2, linked you up fella!!

Anonymous said...

Im still laughing at that story m8.

Heres to a better month for both of us.

Stay Lucky

United113 said...


Littleacornman said...

Running bad here too.Even the word verification says "midip"..

Big Black Dog said...

Gl Snake with the rebuild!!..........if you can read this!!!

Snake Eyes said...

Thanks Dave, United, Acorn and Smoothly, it seems apparent that the fish that is BurnleyMik is at fault lol

Seo1990 said...

If this is readable, T'is agreed that BM is at fault !

Oh and suck those fishies dry sir !

Snake Eyes said...

It was Mik the plum who was at fault lol


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