Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Or lack of one as the case may be. Hardly played any Poker at all recently as I have had to spend what was left of my roll on life schizz. With the missus not working, ok I will rephrase that incase Mair is reading, with the missus staying at home to look after the children, and the current economic climate things are getting tough financially. I suppose they are not too bad as we have just had a lovely holiday in the Lake District and we live a good life compared to some more unfortunate folk, but you have to prioritise and cut your financial cloth accordingly, so the Pokes has to go temporarily.

Got a little bit left to donk around in a few Tournies in the RTR $5 syndicate we have got going on the forum but other than that no Pokes for the Snake for a few months. I cannot moan though, I was speaking to the fish that is BurnleyMik on the phone earlier on today and was moaning to him how bad I run at life etc etc blah blah but we discussed what I have got out of Poker over the last few years. The answer was a new kitchen, new windows for the house and a holiday, not too shabby for a donk who has a bit of a hobby.

Speaking of BurnleyFish, or Max from Phoenix Nights as he is known to his close pals, the geezer is on fire at the moment. Here is his latest post about his May profits, not bad eh?

Here is a picture of the Great Man himself to put on your bed side table.

Anyway, got to bug out, crime don't crack itself.


两点 (Topical language)


Anonymous said...

Surely because of the financial situation you should be playing more poker? DUCY?


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