Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Pissed off!!

Well, I don't know where to start, January has been an absolute nightmare Poker wise, combination of negative variance followed by bad play has meant the BR has taken a huge hit. Mind, after 5 winning months in a row I was due a downswong. The saving grace was that I peaked at $460 up but atm I am about $350 down, sigh.

I will not post any bad beats as they will bore you rigid, standard shit. What amazes me the most is when I pick up a monster someone flops a set, my KK nearly always runs into AA, AK misses every time lol. I read a great article about variance, the solution being basically to grind like fuck at a game you can beat, so 50nl get ready!!!

Mind you, it might not be that easy, not only has the BR taken a huge hit I am going to have to withdraw a chunk. The reason for this is that my missus car conked out the other day. A trip to my mates garage revealed 2 fuel injectors were fooked and it needed 2 new rear brake pads. He also serviced it so for £300 I cannot moan. This, coupled with the fact that our wooden bay window has virtually rotted away and will cost a bag of sand to get doubled glazed, means Snake's bank account is virtually empty. Thus I need to withdraw to help pay for this schitt, but I am going to still have 30 buy ins for 50nl.

Enough moaning, going to start reading The Poker Mindset to help me through this downswing :)


Anonymous said...

Chin up matey,

Sometimes no matter what you do the poker gods are against you, but it will always come good in the end.

Like the blog I have linked you up onto mine.

Stay Lucky

DanH said...

I wish you more luck for February - maybe January was just a bad month...

rubbish said...

Never rains but it pours mate. Mik will sub you wont he?

Big Black Dog said...

Hopefully a minor blip Mr Snake,gl & get grinding!!
Oh & 300 notes for the work on your car?......i thought you were supposed to catch criminals!!!


Snake Eyes said...

Dave, linked you up fella, you from Preston? You know that fish Dream of Vegas? lol

DanH-your link goes to Laddies Casino, lost enough in there over the years lol

Rubbish, still got a decent roll but dreams of playing 100nl in tatters, rather like the Welsh ambition of a grand slam :)

Mr Smooth, 300 alot? You think he has lifted my leg? Wanker, I will pay the muthalicker a visit.

Anonymous said...

TY for the link up mate much appreciated, certainly am from Preston, only 6 months till Vegas, get on it!!

Anonymous said...

Just seen this post snakey boy. £300 for a service ??? WTF car is it ??? Seems shedloads to me unless that is for the full fixing then sounds cheap.

Also, why is your pokerroll whilst building it up not seperate from life shizz ??? It should be else your be a Pud and never get anywhere and make proper dimes and be moaning to why your still at NL50.

Do what SJ does when skint, sell yr arse !!!!


Snake Eyes said...

Coggs, it kinda was seperate but needs must and all, the window is the main priorty, the fucker is completely rotted and has mould on the inside, with 2 little kiddies thats not good and I just aint got a spare bag of sand lying around. Will only have to withdraw a bit which will still leave me 30 bi for 50nl. Considering I got over 2k from $250 then hopefully shouldnt be too much of a setback.

£300 was for full service and new rear brake pads plus 2 fuel injectors which I am told are about 90 squid each, so i thought it ok, might have to slash his car tyres or summat :)

Anonymous said...

Dont sound bad for all that mate, the way you posted it sounded like just for a service.

I hear ya about the kids mate, get back to 45 manners and MTT's 1 night a weekto try and get the score to get you there quicker. You were crushing the 45 manners


dD said...

finally linked you up, sorry, thought i'd done it ages ago .... sigh, too much fucking beer .... then again, maybe its just my age lol
great to catch up at the weekend again !


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