Monday, 11 January 2010


I have put some dosh on my new Euro site as I get effectively 55% rake back, but I am playing complete shit atm, spewing far too much to the regs, playing pots with the fish with marginal holdings. I am just about to go over hands on PT3 and sort my shit out. I think it is a combination getting used to new software and 'I've beaten the game on FT' syndrome, so I am going to nit it up then crush (apart from BM). Leaving a bit of dosh on FT to clear the end of year bonus then I might ship most of it onto the new site, leaving a bit in case there is not much traffic.

Really looking forward to APAT Forum Championship in Manchester w/e of 23rd/24th this month. Meet up with a few of the RTR fish, get bladdered, win tourney, you know, usual weekend. Also, got a full pass out stamped by my missus in exchange for me booking a luxury cottage in the Lake District in May. Fucking women really do drive a hard bargain. Costing me £475 for a week ffs :(

I have been lucky enough to see alot of the world, living 12 years in the Far East. I was thinking the other day what is the strangest thing I have ever seen?

The answer lies in Bangkok, the capital of a glorious country called Thailand. There is an area of streets called 'PatPong' which is notorious for having girly bars covering every square inch. I am led to believe Coggs' missus Carlos used to work here.

Anyway, I went to Bangkok when I was 16 to play in a Cricket tournament, although this was not too serious. At night the older players took me out into Patpong, first bar I end up sat in a booth with another lad, we order 2 beers, bar man asks if we want a special beer for a little bit more. We obv say 'yes' to which two birds (hopefully!!) come out of a wooden hatch under the table, unzip our flies and start smoking the pink oboe. Happy Days!!

Anyway, the strangest thing I have ever seen was in a bar in Patpong. 2 birds were firing ping pong balls out of their vagina onto the floor of the bar and some local Thai dwarf was putting flags out where the furthest one landed. Fucking bizarre I tell you, especially when the girlfriend of one of the local Brit lads got up on the stage and fired one miles, beating the Thai birds hands down lol!!!

More Bangkok tales later, gl fish :)


rubbish said...

Thought Cogs' Missus name was Simon?

Anonymous said...

Carlos left there years ago. Apparently she lost some ping pong game to a tourist with a rugby team and couldn't get work again.


Pete Killa aka 'Killanother1' said...

Well funny! Nothing better than a story involving a Midget! :)


Anonymous said...

Simon is known Carlos professionally Rubbish.

Encore . . . More Thai stories! I'd love to go there, I may become ToV instead acctually, it runs Vegas close for dream destination!

Thought that pic was you imagining your state a week on Sunday morning mate lol!

Snake Eyes said...

Hahaha, you fellas want more Bangkok stories? No probs, got a few belters :~)


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