Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Bit boring but I'm going to do a review of the year, apologies to Amatay but feck it, it is supposed to be a poker Blog ffs. I will tell you about me shagging the missus up her barking spider in another post mate, I promise :)

Right, firstly I have got to say that I believe my game has improved no end this year, specifically in relation to BR management. After the problems I had when my missus discovered my roll and I had to withdraw it, I have managed to spin the profits of stakeage from the aforementioned Amatay to over 40 buy inns for 50NL, initially by playing $10 45s on FT then lately cash.

I am going to stick to the 40 buy in rule before I can move up permanently to 100NL, although I will be taking a few shots. Anyways, just in case NoCash reads this schitt, I will post my FT graph from when I started playing on the site.

So cash profit was $1229 plus rake back $641 makes a total of $1870 for cash, not brilliant but not too shabby.

Also, here is my OPR stats for the year.

So a grand total of $3094, not quite in the Kennl, Clarkatroid, Amatay or Longy league lol, but I am pleased as most of the cash hands were at 25nl or 50nl. I had to withdraw some of this when I first began the grind but still got the majority online and, barring any huge disasters, I will not have to withdraw again.

Right, what plans have I got poker wise for 2010? Well, firstly I am going to split my roll over a few sites. After consultation with my mentor, BM, I have decided to put some dosh on Everest due to the redik softness of the players, also I am going to open an account on a micro gaming skin that offers RTR members a very good bonus payment deal, keeping a bit on FT to clear the end of year bonus.

I want to be playing 100NL with 40 buy ins at the start of June, although this may be slightly optimistic. I also want to branch out into the live scene, so I am going to attempt to qualify for the GUKPT events on BSq. On that point huge congrats to Ant from RaiseTheRiver who has just shipped a ME package of his choice, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
I am also hoping to play a few more APAT events, great fun and good to see some familiar faces.

Right Fish, I have bored myself, shagging and drunken debauchery tales next post I promise :)


rubbish said...

Nice one Snake, all the best for 2010.

Amatay said...

nice results fish, gl in 2010 mate

Ant66 said...

Nice results for the year mate.I take my hat off to you "grinders"!
Long may the results continue for you in 2010.

Big Black Dog said...

N1 Snake,gl in 2010.

Amatay said...

lol @ no 12.

I dont see it referred to as a pussy tho?

Snake Eyes said...

For Amatay- it was 13 I was referring to

"barking spider-See chocolate starfish: Term used to describe the shit eye, brown eye, bunghole, ass hole, etc. Resembles a spider when the tissue is crinkled as seen on a woman and barks when she farts.
Her pussy tasted like shit, so he stuffed his tongue in her barking spider"


Big Black Dog said...

Or Rusty Sheriff's Badge as i like to call it!!!

Dream of Vegas said...

Pinched your barking spider, as it's so good! (Errrr so wrong!)

All the belated best fish, got to mix the poker in to mate. Give us donks some tid bits, plus nice results.

Word verification: crote (sounds like) . . . (Sigh charades on the brain!)

Raffel said...

These are some good results mtae.
Keep on running in 2010.
btw, link is up :)


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