Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Fuck me, its been a week since I last posted. Been really busy at work, this time of year sees a dramatic increase in my 'clients'. Booze related violence goes through the roof, as does shoplifting.

Infact, I found something out the other day that put me on life tilt. One of my regular 'clients' decided to go into a local supermarket, load his trolley up with groceries then walk straight through the checkout without paying. £247 worth of snap and the cheeky fucker thinks he has a right to take it.

Anyways, when he arrived at the hotel, part of the booking in procedure is to do a risk assessment to establish if there are any health risks that have to be managed. He stated he was on heroin, no suprise, but was also on a methadone script. So his Doctor gives him a drug that is supposed to be a heroin substitute and he uses heroin on top of this. Clearly this is not working! Guess who is paying for this methadone, thats right, you, the honest, hardworking taxpayer.

He then goes on to state he was not unemployed but was registered as sick.

Sick!! So heroin addiction is an illness now is it? Oh, forgot to mention that his state benefits are more each week for being 'sick' than if was legitamately out of work. No prizes for guessing who is funding this 'sick pay'. Plus, I wager he has never even thought about doing a days work let alone actually done one ffs! Life tilt!!

Really fucks me off.

Right, rant over, might have to go to the doctors soon. You see, when I was younger and I shot my baby gravy, I had a right spurt, honestly I could have pasted the walls from 6 foot I tell you. But as I have got older, it kind of resembles a sparrow sneezing. Have I got something wrong with me or am I just getting to the bottom of the 2 buckets that you get?

Pokerwise, not played much, only about 2k hands, upto about $400 in profit plus rake back. Had to miss a sweat session with BurnleyMik as my little girl has taken a turn for the worse again, so I nurse her in the night whilst my missus gets some kip.
Hang on a minute, I am the one with a full time job ffs, something wrong here.

Right, will post before Xmas but gl at the tables people



Big Black Dog said...

Easy solution Snake.....employ someone to shoot the scrounging fuckers!!! Thats one tax i wouldnt mind paying!

Hope your little un gets better mate.


Amatay said...

WTF, you only get 2 buckets??? :-(
No wonder im already running on emptay!

NoCash said...

I like smackheads.

Anonymous said...

The hotel...lmao !!!!

Nice to see a post b4 xmas to and see you've taught that Amatay fish some ofyour moves !!!

Have a cracking xmas mate and gr8 2010


Snake Eyes said...

Cheers Cogs, you have a good one mate and all the best for 2010 :)

rubbish said...

Hope the Daughter is okay and you all had a great Xmas. Here's to a superb 2010 for us all. All the best mate.

Yorkshire Pud said...

Don't get me started on junkies and sponging bastards mate. I reckon we should be allowed to take an axe to them whenever we feel like it.

I know a couple of cheeky twats who are window cleaners but are on the sick with bad knees and backs! Oh and one cunt who is on the sick with asthma caused by him smoking crack and heroin!



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