Friday, 11 December 2009

Happy Days!!

Just a quick update as I am still at work then driving to East Midlands Airport to pick up my Mum and 89 yr old Grandma who are coming over from Portugal for a few days.

Running/playing better after a disastrous start to the month. Played about 6.5k hands this month so far, for me good volume. Only 3 buy ins up but got a rake back payment due today to boost profits. Due to poorly child/body clock screwed I have been up at 4am so I have been playing at this time for a few hours. I have found this has increased my win rate as it is about 11pm in the States so plenty of donks on line lol.

Also, I have been playing a bit more conservative with hands such as AQ from OOP, just flatting as oppose to 3betting to keep the pot small. Seems to be a more profitable way of playing from the blinds with such holdings. Obviously If a donk raises then I will 3bet, but this is very much player dependant.

Also been watching The Coaching Tree, a series on DeucesCracked (thanks Gorv :)). Really good series, I recommend it to you. I have made some adjustments to my game after watching only 2 episodes, seem to be working. One interesting point was to over bet the pot when you know you are in front on the river. You only have to get called on the odd occasion to boost the win rate. This could be exploitable at higher levels but at 50nl it works a treat. It is amazing when you over bet the pot with a set and get called by 2nd pair, some people just do not believe you.

Got to go, sorry for the boring post, more amusing tales next time

Gl at the tables

*Edit-Fuck you Full Tilt, played 400 hands tonight and lost all the profit, lol, negative variance ftw


rubbish said...

Hope your Daughters feeling better mate. Keep on forgetting this is your blog, will have to change it to Snakes short stack or something.

Snake Eyes said...

Hmmmm, Snakes short stack, gotta ring to it lol

ROSSI said...

just read yr last post mate, we work in very similar jobs. Yeah your right the morans that constantly come before you is amazing.

Linked yr new blog up mate.

ROSSI said...

someone i encountered a few years ago had robbed a petrol station shop, and couldnt believe it when the police came to arrest him at home some 20 minutes later.

He had walked in with a balclava and a liverpool shirt with his name on the back!!!! right in front of the cctv. He was already known to the police who went straight round to his house LMAO.

Another one left is ear at the scene of a burglary. A prostethic one that connected with a magnet. He hadnt realized it had fallen off

You couldnt make it up could ya!

_Kronsdat said...

Loved those Snake. :-)

My favourite similar tale, is the guy who went into an off licence in Wythenshawe, asked for half the shop, and offered the Credit Card of Dr Jessica Hunt.

Er, Doh!


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