Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Monthly Review

Greetings my fellow fishes.
As this is basically a Poker Diary for my own benefit, so I can track my progress, I will endeavour to complete a monthly review. So here goes for November.

Rake back was $140, cleared $100 bonus at FT and also played 2x 45s, came 2nd in one for a $90 profit so overall profit for November was $915 ish, not bad for 50nl if I say so my self!!
I think my game is coming on well at the moment, good advice from people on the Forum helping my decision making process at the tables. Also, I have a couple of sweat sessions with Burnley Mik which I have really enjoyed and helped my game no end. It is amazing what information you can pick up and how much you concentrate when someone is sweating you. Perhaps this is because you don't want to look a complete fish lol.
I have also really enjoyed sweating Mik, picking spots for him and explaining my thought process, my favourite hand* was when Mik picked up JJ, not sure if he 3bet the fish or the fish flat called out of the blinds, but anyways the board came KKxxx with no draws making it and on the river the fish blasted 80bb, after check calling the flop and turn, no way on earth did he have a K so I 'forced' Mik to call, fish flipped A8s or summat so ship the pot to BM, weeeeeeeeeeeee!!
Away from Poker, managed to give the Missus a couple of nights of pleasure, I was the usual high standard. Not sure if she enjoyed herself but I don't really care, I did.

Had to rush the 6 month old into Hospital last night, transpires she has a viral infection of the lungs called Bronchiolitis, which causes problems breathing. I went as the Missus was knackered from staying up with her the night before. The staff were brilliant at the Hospital, they offered me a room to stop the night but they said it wasn't necessary to stay, I was out of there like a flash. I hate hospitals, full of ill people. There is no medication to treat the condition, just plenty of love and cuddles and it will go in a week or so.Good luck at the cyberfelt you Fish


*Probably didn't happen like this as i was pissed, but Mik won the pot anyway :)


BurnleyMik said...

wow. sorry to hear about your little un mate, hope she is well.

That JJ hand is one of the hands I can;t find, which is a bastard. I am sure my monthly stats are skew whiff. I was gonna post it as I loved it, but I just can;t see it anywhere.

Good luck this month and more sweats IMO!

oh and let me know when you wanna do that everest deal.


Platonic_ said...

you are a fucking whale and a short stack cunt, grow a pair and come play me 100bbs deep.

Snake Eyes said...

Abused by Platonic, my world cannot get any better :).
I can't play you Plat, I would get far too sexually aroused over your nice nips :)


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