Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Just a quick update, played nearly 10k hands so far, break even atm ffs!!! Tbh I am very happy with my game I just seem to lose most races, it is just variance. I am continuing with the session analysis using PT3 and have watched Coaching Tree from DC, Balugawhale gives some great advice.

I used to 3bet when IP with suited connectors like JT,QJ but after listening to Baluga I am just calling now as hands like these have so much value post flop as oppose to pre flop.

Gl at the tarbs, gonna try and win some green now.


Daniel Trett said...

Yo SnakeEyes, great blog M8 I've been silent a follower for a while. But since creating my blog I've started to comment as I know how much bloggers appreciate the feedback, check my blog out over at; Link me up if you want & I'll do the same Bro. KUTGW ;-)

easyyyy said...

GL man.
Good blog.

Snake Eyes said...

Linked up Daniel, thanks.

@ Easyyy, your sn is not Theo Sagam on FT is in? lol

BurnleyMik said...

Hey Snakey - Tried watching those viodeos twice now, but fell asleep both times!!!

I started doing the same with hands OOP, but it has massively increased the gap between my VPIP and PFR, which is not a good thing??



p.s. we on for the sweat on Monday night?

Snake Eyes said...

@ Mik, I hear what you are saying about VPIP/PFR, just open up more from the btn to compensate. I have just checked my stats from December, 11k hands, overall 20/16/2 and 33/27/2 from the button. I also have been 3betting from the button with junk versus HJ/CO raises until they give me a reason not too. Running at 2BB/100 atm so could be better.

easyyyy said...

hi, no my sn is not theo sagam ^^
Why you think that?


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