Saturday, 5 December 2009

Running Like Poo

My first bad beat post, I feel just like BurnleyMik :)

As the title suggests, December has been a pretty frustrating so far. The definaition of variance is the statistical measure of how your results will be dispersed, mine at the moment are being dispersed down the toilet. I just cannot seem to get a hand to hold. QQ seems to be a big loser at the moment, losing to JJ, 53s, 68s. I have also turned the nut flush only for villian to boat up on the river, got it all in with a set vs 2 pair on the flop only for villian to fill up on river for a higher boat. As Coggy would say, 'FML'.
I realise this is just negative variance but it is nice to get it off your chest, now i know what Poker blogs are for!!!

On a plus note, my little 6 month old girl is getting alot better, this new inhaler gizmo is working a treat, she no longer sounds like Darth Vader when sleeping.

Funny couple of anecdotes from work, you people live in a different world I assure you, this stuff is not made up!

1. Shoplifter arrested and brought infront of me(regular, drug addict, first name terms, you get the picture). Arrested for theft of 20 bars of chocolate. He bangs his fist on the Custody desk and says, 'Thats bollocks, it was only ten, they were buy one get one free'. He was not joking.

2. Pissed up bloke phones Police to say he has been robbed. Police arrive for him to shout, 'Its a fucking robbery, I have been charged £45 for these', and holds out 2 ecstasy tablets! True I tell you, Britains dumbest criminal take a bow.

Anyways, gotta go.

Hope you all run good at the tables.


Anonymous said...

lmao, keep the anecdotes coming, they cracked me up. They make KN and amatay seem intelligent.


Big Black Dog said...

The fella who complained about being fleeced £45 for two E's did have a fair point to be fair!!!!!
Keep them coming Mr.Snake & gl.

Snake Eyes said...

It gets even better, turns out the 'Es' were actually chalk, what a muppet!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just stumbled across your blog.

I've not long been on Full Tilt myself but only play micro stakes.I was wondering what kind of hours do you play on Full Tilt in UK time?do you try and play those funky U.S hours or do you play a certain UK time that suits your lifestyle?Also what's your alias?I'd like to rail you some time and watch you play if you dont mind.No problem of you'd rather not say.

Best of luck at the tables.I'l keep reading your blog.

United113 said...

glad your daughters better

Snake Eyes said...

@ Anonymous, I tend to play as and when it suits due to shift working, mainly early evening UK time as the traffic is still pretty good. Recently I have been getting up at 04.30hrs and having 2hrs before work as the pissed up yanks love to donk off, improved my win rate no end. Hmmmm, are you someone who thinks I am a fish and wants to bum hunt me? lol. If you join RaiseTheRiver you will find my screen name in the cash section.

@ United113, thanks fella, she is alot better.

Mr Origami said...

lol @ BOGOF boy...classic!! :)


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